Manual Play (PSR-3000)

This article describes how to play the keyboard and make it sound like an organ or at least with a Bass player!

This utilities a "manual play style" (Sustained.sty), and registrations, the basic "Sustained Style," I am supplying you with two basic registrations, of on board sounds (Chapel Organ, and Strings for The PSR-3K).

The Method
Now load the "Sustained Style,' and then the Registration bank Chapel Tyros from here, now you can play the keyboard almost as an Organ. Alternatively you could use String Sounds to good effect with Manual Play, and I have also made a Registration bank (Strings Tyros) for you as well.

The setup that works best is using AI Fingered, which allows you to play Ascending/Descending Bass lines, and Slash Chords (C/E) etc.
To set this up press, Direct Access button (lower left {on Screen panel}), then the ACMP button, this will take you into, (Style Setting/Split Point/Chord Fingering), select the Chord Fingering tab and, use buttons (1-3 upper/lower), and select AI Fingered, whilst on this page, also check in, Style Setting tab, that the STOP ACMP is set to Style and not (Fixed).

If for any reason the Bass Sound seems quiet, just start and stop the style, that should restore the level.

Finally if you want to make any more banks, say Drawbar Organ, then use any bank supplied, but it may be necessary to select a different voice for the (style) Bass Voice, as follows:- press the Mixing Console button (twice), to get into (style mode) - then press C or H to select the sound of the Style Bass (icon row), and select an appropriate sound, now balance this voice against the left hand voice. Next press the Memory button, and copy it into Registrations 1 - 8, now all that remains is to set new right hand sounds, and then balance their levels for this new bank.

Don't forget to give it a new name and save it.

For Manual Style

For String Reg'

For Organ Reg'