Technics Sequence to Style (conversion)

If you are lucky enough to have a different make of keyboard than a Technics, there is a useful sequence to style converter in the Composer menu. So if you have say a Yamaha model, it can "copy" the style over to Technics as a new style, it's a little laborious but worth the effort. This is how to do it

Preparation. Play and record the sequence from the source keyboard as a (SMF) midi file, using the key of C (Chord), for easy conversion, doing it in this form save it as separate "songs," Note do not play any right hand notes. Now you have your "songs," in the form of, Intro 1, 2, variation 1 to 4 Ending 1, & 2, you can do the same with fill ins, now you will have at least 8 separate "songs," (sequences) all saved to a floppy disk for our conversion on the Technics. Whilst you are still on the "source keyboard," check the pattern length (bars) an note this for conversion, also note that the 1st bar of a sequence is "dummy" and only contains setup & exclusive data so that you must subtract the 1st measure of each 'section.'

Conversion. Firstly load the floppy disk as a SMF, and not a (tech' file) loading say, Intro 1, this is your first sequence, and you will need to set up the midi channels.

The method follows: - Now Press Program Menu - Composer - SEQ To Composer Copy - First Measure ({to measure 2} as above subtracting the1st measure) Last Measure (to x the number of measures remaining) Transpose to (0), Composer A (to Intro 1), Part Track, i.e. Drums to tracks 9 & 10 that correspond with the Midi info from the source instrument. Then Press OK. Don't press the Edit button yet. Now you have converted the intro 1 to your Technics Composer A in (Intro 1). Proceed in a similar fashion to all the remaining parts of the style (Intro 2, Variation 1 to 4, and Endings 1, & 2). I don't usually bother to do a separate Minor, and Major Intro, but you can just by playing a minor chord when recording you Sequence (Style) for the source keyboard.

Now having converted all the style parts into the tech' composer, you can change the "GM voices" to "Technics" far superior voices in composer edit.

Do this, by pressing the buttons, Program Menu - Composer - OK, then select the part that you want to "revoice," and select the 'new voice' to be used, don't forget the you can use any Sound Explorer voices. After all this hard work don't forget to save it to disk.

You can start on any variation or style part you like, just be careful, that you select the appropriate part to the correct location in the Tech' Composer, or it will over write your previously done parts.

Below is an example for you to try yourself I have copied all the parts in SMF for you, click here for the complete revoiced style.

Intro 1 (is 8 bars long)click here, Intro 2 (is 4 Bar long), click here Ending 1 (is 8 bars long), click here Ending 2 click here (is 3 Bars long),
all other Variations 1 to 4 (are 4 bars long). V1, click here,V2 click here, V3 click here, V4 click here . All the variations as a zip click here