Hello Everyone,
Here is my introduction to you all. I became interested in music by way of hearing "George Formby "and his (Uke-banjo) playing. What a strange start you may think? Well yes it was! So my first instrument was a Banjo-Uke, followed by a "G Banjo" (hence my nick name), the Guitar, and Bass Guitar followed, finally I became interested in Keyboards. I went through various makes and model's and my current line up is Yamaha's Tyros2 and Psr-3000 and Technics KN6500. I still have a Banjo-Uke (Keech long scale), and My Ibenez 5 string Banjo. I am self-taught on all these instruments. I try very hard to produce good sounding music on my current Keyboards, and as I am dyslexic it doesn't help one bit.
My current love is the Tyros2 with all its wonderful sounds, and styles. I have therefore created some General Voices (Voice Set {edits on the Tyros2}), and Custom Voices, some are samples sounds from the Technics KN-6500, and some just using onboard sounds edited by computer (you can up eight different elements per voice), I have posted them on this site. There are also be other performance files, done to suite the various keyboards mentioned here, and other files, and demos' for these keyboards. Also MP3's (MP3 format) files too. The site is designed, to help players of Tyros2, Technics KN-6000, and the PSR-3000, to get more enjoyment out of their instruments, by delving a little deeper into them, or just by using what I have created.
So on the following pages, you will be able to download many new Sounds, Songs, Registrations, Demo's, Multi-Pads, etc., Styles with modified OTS's, or intros and endings, for the wonderful Tyros2, and other model's mentioned here or on the welcome page.

I also have an e-mail link for extra info' or help for the keyboards to help you enjoy them to the full.

All the Best Colin.