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All Yamaha Keyboards (General Info)
Once any 'data' is downloaded to the Computer, they can be accessed, and use save/copy, to put it on Floppy Disk, Card, or USB Stick, for use on the specific keyboard. You must remember, when accessing 'data' from Yamaha Keyboard's folders, that the 'data' can only be seen when, looking at it correctly e.g. Song Data Song files by pressing New Song (Button A), or any other selected song, (Screen Button A, once again), then use Tab to select the media type (Floppy, Card, or USB 'Stick). Similarly Voice Edits are accessed, by pressing any Voice Section Button, then pressing Tab to select the 'Media Type Data' (Voice Edits/Sounds). Similarly for the other types of saved data Styles, Multi-Pad, Registrations etc. Data is best save into folders for easy location.

General Voices (Yamaha Keyboards)
What are General Voices, they are voices are voices that are "tweaked," via the Voice Creator Function, on the keyboard itself, this will give a quite marked change to the "User Voice," its Touch Response, Resonance, Octave, and Other, Parameters and Effects, when edited by (Voice Creator) . I have found voices tweaked by me on the Psr-3000, don't work as expected when played on Tyros2, because of it's 'afertouch' but Tyros2 "Tweaked Voices," do work fine when played on Psr-3000.

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For Performance by Myself and Pam select from below:-
Note that these song will also play on Other Keyboards (Technics - Tyros2, and Others)

Pam's Performance
Puppet On A String click here
Rooms Medley click here
Scotch On
The Rocks click here
Geronimo click here

Colin's Performances
I Leave My Heart In An English Garden click here
The Carnival Is Over
click here
Old Time Waltz Medley click here
Wheezy Anna/Blackpool Belle click here

Misc. stuff
not added yet