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Technics keyboard info
Technics files can be saves as "all data," so may contain, Sound, Sequence, Panel Memory, and Style data this is always saves to floppy disks and it is in Technics own unique format, and therefore will only work in the following models of Tech' keyboards, KN-6000, KN-6500 & KN-7000. Note Technics keyboards are not backwardly compatible i.e. anything done on later models, will not work on earlier ones. Also Note Technic's 'song data' is not in SMF form, and will not work on other keyboards brands, although songs can be saved as SMF, it is not usually very successful, and only used GM2 sound set.

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Songs in Techics format, zipped up

My performances
Various songs {in "all data" format}) click here
"Island In The Sun/Yellow Bird" click here
"Look Around" click here
"We have all the time in the world" click here
"My Friend" click here
"The Northern Lights" click here
"When The Guards Are On Parade" click here

Songs performed by Pam
"Green Eyes" click here
"Amanda" click here
"Its A Great Day" click here

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Misc. stuff
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