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All Yamaha Keyboards
(General Info)
Once any 'data' is downloaded to the Computer, they can be accessed, and save/copy, to Floppy Disk, Card, or USB Stick, for use on the specific keyboard.You must remember, when accessing data from Yamaha Keyboard's own folders, that 'data' can only be seen when, looking at it correctly e.g. Song Data from Song Folder via the New Song (Screen Button A), or any other selected song (Screen Button A, once again), then use Tab to select the media type (Floppy, Card, HD, or USB 'Stick). Voice Edits are accessed, by pressing any Voice Section Button, then pressing Tab to select the 'Media Type Data' (Voice Edits/Sounds). Similarly for the other types of saved data Styles, Multi-Pad, Registrations etc. Data is best save into folders and "named" for easy re-location.

General Voices (None-Custom)
What are General Voices, they are voices are voices that are "tweaked," via the Voice Set Function, and actually on the keyboard itself, this will give a quite marked change to the now "User Voice," by altering its Touch Response, Aftertouch, Resonance, Octave,
and Other, Parameters and Effects, of (Voice Set). I have found voices tweaked by me on the Psr-3000, don't always work as expected when played on Tyros2, but Tyros2, "Tweaked Voices," do work fine when played on Psr-3000.

Custom Voices (Tyros2 Only)
Tyros2 has unique facilities to create Custom Voices, and there are two types of these, one using the 'onboard sounds' and mixing them ( using up to eight elements, or sounds), and of course Sampled Sounds, (Wav samples from other keyboards or other audio sound sources). They are all edited via a computer, thus allowing mixing of either 'onboard elements,' or samples sounds, to be freely mixed. These can then be further "enhanced" in Tyros2, via - Voice Creator - Wave Import - Voice Set (Screen Button E). These can be saved into Tyros2 as Libraries (Collections of Custom Voices with specific locations), or as Individual Load files to be placed in any location. If they are saved as libraries, they will have a specific location attached to them, or where as Individual Load Files they can be assigned to desired any location. Note to have lots Custom Voices available, you will need the extra DIMM's as listed in the Tyros2 manual (page 223). Also Note due to the large file size these may take some time to download, especially for dial-up Internet users.

MP3's to Audio info, (but it is only available on Tyros2).
Which can then be played back as Audio Sound in Tyros2's HD, Audio Recorder,
when using (Wav files type).

The MP3's featured here were all created on Tyros2 using it's Microphone, and audio recorder facility, and then saving as Audio file (Wav) onto the Tyros2 HD.
This then can be exported to the Computer via, USB 'Stick' as a (Wav file), this is then converted to MP3 and upload to the website. Thus allowing the MP3's to be played by the computer on the 'website,' or downloaded to the Computer as (MP3). To be able to play it in your Tyros2 the MP3's needs to be converted back on the computer to a Wav File, due their large size means you will need to load them on the 'USB Stick.' These can now be 'imported' onto, Tyros2's HD, and played back on Tyros2's via its (Audio Recorder) as "Audio Sound," this will give the best possible sound reproduction, so allowing us all to capture our own "singing," or other "audio sounds" e.g. my (Banjo-Uke Backing track) to be recorded on Tyros2. And so allowing us to record via microphone's input, or direct input (Electric Guitar, etc.), and so share our performances!
Download instructions for MP3's, from my website, right click it, and select from drop down menu options, "save as target" this will allow to download the MP3 to you chosen location, this can be converted to Wav file's on your computer, and put on the USB stick, for 'loading and playback' on your Tyros2.

You can hear Me play my "Uke" with Tyros2, "If your Face Wants To Laugh Well Let It" (MP3)
Listen to me trying to "sing," We Have All The Time In The World" (MP3)

To play any of our MP3 click here
This New MP3 Page has been added which will include all my current keyboards

For further information go to the 'How it's done page'
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To download My General Voices (Non-custom Voices)
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Please note the files below are quite large and will take some time to download.
Sounds Custom Voices Below :-
To download My Organ Custom Voices click here
To download My Other Custom Voices
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Note the new samples below are not in Libraries so use individual load to place them where required.
To download My Technics samples Part 1 for Tyros2 click here
To download My Technics samples Part 2 for Tyros2 click here

To download my free styles
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Colin's Performance (Songs/SMF's) also see PRS-3000 page for more songs
After The Ball click here
Climb Ev'ery Mountain click here

If I Ruled The World click here
The Wonderful Season Of Love click here
We have All The Time In The World click here

The Wurlitzer Demonstration is a Performance Medley which uses "Custom Voices," so it won't play, without having the "Custom Voices" loaded into the keyboard first. It also has the "Demo Registration" attached in the Zip file, plus another Custom Voice Reg file. Click here

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